Who we are and what do we do …

The Lakes Hub Foundation was created in January 2015 as a humanitarian not-for-profit, non-government-organisation to promote tourism to locals and visitors in the East Gippsland, Gippsland Lakes region.

We are not a charity organisation, but instead a non-profit association established purely for the purpose of promoting the development of tourism in this region.

The Foundation’s two founding Principal Participants, are Shane and Kerstin Kidd, residents of the Lakes Entrance area.

The Gippsland Lakes area, was found to be sorely lacking a cohesive, focussed Tourism information service that could promote the region across all facets of the internet including websites and social media. Local business owners were lacking the knowlege and know-how to represent their business and their region online to potential visitors.

Our internet presence …

Via this website and our sister websites and, we have created a large directory of tourism and community educational resources, which can be used by local residents, local business owners and visitors to our region.

Promoting a region is not just about having a website, or a directory. It’s about connecting with potential visitors via Social Media, Email newsletters, Blog articles and a retail shopfront.

We maintain all these services for the Community of Lakes Entrance and the Gippsland Lakes. We’ve created and published many videos showcasing the Gippsland Lakes, and continue to create and maintain a large image library, available to local businesses for promoting the region.


We maintain an extensive Social Media presence, controlling the Official Channels for all Lakes Entrance tourism promotion.


Lakes Hub Foundation uses many platforms to raise funds to facilitate it’s ongoing tourism activities.

The primary purpose of the Lakes Hub Foundation, is to fund, facilitate, implement and operate projects and enterprises that are sustainable and fully promote Tourism in the Gippsland Lakes region.

The Lakes Hub Foundation regularly supports other local and national non-profit organisations in their fund raising and day to day operations. The Foundation is closely aligned with the Lakes Entrance Action and Development Association, (LEADA), a non-profit association for local tourism business owners and residents.

One of the primary means of raising funds to allow our contributions of both labor and finances, is the Tourism Portal created under the banner.

After extensive analytical work behind the scenes, we’ve managed to ensure this website ranks No. 1 in Google search results for most Lakes Entrance related keyword searches.

This allows for a consistent approach to marketing Lakes Entrance and it’s many tourism focussed businesses to potential visitors to the region.

The majority of Lakes Entrance businesses are listed on this website, gaining exposure to an ever increasing online market. Visitors to the site can also Book Online, further contributing to the funds available for the Foundation to promote the region.

Much of our web work is done in conjunction with a local company, Gippsland Web, based in Moe and Lakes Entrance, Victoria. It’s a family team effort to produce interactive, modern, responsive websites for mainly Tourism based businesses.

Again, our talents in Search Engine Optimisation have ensured the Gippsland Web site features prominently in Google search results, ensuring local Gippsland businesses find us and use our services … again, contributing to the Lakes Hub Foundations ability to provide labor and services at no cost.

Gippsland Web will continue to be our tool to assist local tourism based businesses to build their online presence to standout against the intense competition from other tourist destinations in Victoria.


Products and Services we offer to the local Tourism industry for promotion.

Our contribution to the local community is mainly in the form of products and services offered at no or little cost, with the intention of raising the profile of the Lakes Entrance and Gippsland Lakes Tourism industry.

Our Directors work tirelessly and enthusiastically to provide and facilitate many Tourism based projects, ranging from Website Portals, Mobile Apps, Printed Maps, fresh food supplies and more …

An online alternative portal where locals and visitors can access a wide range of alternative therapies, services and products, all listed for Free by local practitioners and providers of alternative healthcare. .

Purpose in the Hub is our retail shop based in the heart of Lakes Entrance. It has become a meeting and gathering place for people who are aware of alternative foods, clothing, beliefs and ways of being.

Seeing a need to connect people living on the fringes of “normal” society, those who do not accept the “official story” or are breaking free from the traditional social conditioning, we’ve created an online portal where they can connect with others of like mind.

There is a full Directory of Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Yoga classes, Meditation classes, spiritual healers and Massage therapists. The Directory is used extensively by visitors to Lakes Entrance, coming from the more metropolitan cities, where they expect to be able to source alternative products and practices.

In this age of mobile devices, the Lakes Hub Foundation embarked on a process to create a Free Mobile App for visiting tourists to Lakes Entrance.

With over 5000 installs the App has proved to be a great success. Almost every Lakes Entrance business is listed for free on the App, giving them exposure to thousands of potential customers.

It’s a service we intend to keep offering and updating as new technology becomes available.

The Lakes Entrance Town map is another initiative of the Lakes Hub Foundation. Printed yearly, this A3 tear-off town map is distributed free to most cafes, supermarkets and tourism businesses in and around Lakes Entrance.

Over 15,000 maps are printed each year by local printers, Black Rainbow, using eco-friendly inks and fully recycled paper.


Donating time, money and products is our contribution to our local and national community.

The Directors of the Lakes Hub Foundation are committed to giving their time and energy to local organisations with the intention of fostering a healthy tourism industry in our region.

Donations to local and national organisations that support Local Tourism and the well being of the local community.


LEADA is a voluntary organisation for Business and Tourism in Lakes Entrance.

One of our Directors, Shane, has been the President of LEADA since 2016.

Shane facilitates ongoing advocacy on behalf of local businesses with the local Council.

Participates in Tourism Seminars, meetings and forums designed to enhance the viability of Lakes Entrance as a world class destination.

Encourages participation in marketing and promotional campaigns on behalf of LEADA and it’s members.

Organises and assists with fund raising activities to specifically benefit the region and facilitate ongoing campaigns with EGMI (East Gippsland Marketing Inc).

Contributes time and financially to the organisation.


Our list of donor recipients is extensive, but keeping with the main projects we’ve been contributing to:

Foodbank – a new initiative to purchase school lunches for kids.

CFA – local Lakes Entrance and Lake Tyers Beach CFA.

Fresh Food – The Foundation grows an extensive organic vegetable and fruit garden, distributing fresh food for free through The Hub in Lakes Entrance, as well as to local families, depending on seasonal availability.

LEADA – regular financial contribution to membership.

WoodChop – the Lakes Entrance Woodchop event, regular financial contributions of $500+.

Schools – regular financial and goods donations to local school fundraising activities.

Dolphin Centre – financial and goods donated to assist in the development of a local Dolphin Information Centre in Lakes Entrance.

Promotions – actively promoting for no cost local Events, such as the Gippsland Lakes Paddle Challenge, Beach Games, Beach Volleyball, Cycling and Marathon events, Food and Wine Events, Charity days. For more information visit our Social Media channels or


Then of course there are the things we do for the Love of it.

The Lakes Hub Foundation has a huge organic vegetable garden, growing fresh produce all year round.

The majority of this produce is distributed freely through The Hub in Lakes Entrance or given to local families.

Even though this initiative is not so much Tourism focussed, it is supported by the Foundation because of the importance of fresh, clean food to our local community.

In this age of chemical industrialisation, our children will not be fit and healthy to carry on and lead our communities into the future, so we think it’s extremely important to provide them with fresh, clean, unadulterated vegetables and fruits.

Many hours of work go into our garden, as well as much $$ investment to keep it rich, alive and growing.

The Foundation also facilitates Yoga and Meditation classes in The Hub when the demand is there. Usually at no cost to visitors and locals, these classes again, provide the community with the tools and ability to cope in our modern, industrialised, stressfilled world.


Equals healthy communities and healthy environments!