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Lakes Entrance is Open for Business

With the relaxing of restrictions you can now come to Lakes Entrance to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air, pristine waterways and our Natural Wonderland.

The Golden Tag Fishing Competition has been reactivated by Fisheries Victoria, giving every recreational angler a chance to catch a Golden Tagged fish. Visit their website for more details and check our latest Fishing Report for the best spots.


Weekly Fishing Report Dec 12, 2019

Lakes Entrance Fishing Report

Lakes Entrance: The town jetties have some Mullet about, and Flathead can be found at the Kalimna jetty taking prawn. Both King George and Sand Whiting are at the Barrier Landing area taking pipi and worm. Surf beach for Salmon taking pilchards and poppers. Offshore for Flathead and Six Mile Reef and at the Pipeline for “Pinkies” and Snapper. “Gummies” can be found closer to the beach.

Lake Tyers: Bream are out and about Pile Bay Creek taking prawn. The top side of Blackfellow’s Arm have Bream taking prawn. Mill Point for Flathead biting on soft plastics as preferred bait.

Mitchell River: The Grassy Bank and The Cut are the best spots for Bream taking spider crab and prawn. Perch at the highway bridge on soft plastics and lures. At Calulu for Bass biting on hard bodies and soft plastic lures.

Tambo River: The Snags and Three Gums are worth a look for Bream. Best results on a drifting bait of live shrimp and try Sandy’s Bluff and the Rough Road.

Nicholson: Thumb Point, the 2nd Fence and the Little Cliffs are the best spots presently for Bream using live shrimp on a drifting line with no sinker for best results.

Metung: From Nungurner Jetty to Shaving Point for Whiting taking pipi and worm. Also give mussels a try.

Paynesville: Town jetties for Mullet taking worm. Progress Jetty is worth a try. Newland Arm, Carstairs’s Bank and Bunga Arm are worth a look as well.

Hollands Landing: Seacombe Landing, The Strait, Wood Pile and Holland Landing are best spots for Bream using prawn, worm, cut pilchard and soft plastics.

Marlo: The Entrance is closed but fishing well for Bream, Luderick and Flathead. Frenchs’ Narrow for Flathead taking soft plastics and lures and prawn for Bream. Offshore, plenty of “Gummies” and Flathead are to be found.

Bemm River: The wind has eased slightly. Best spot for Bream is in the lake. For best results use local prawn and soft plastics.

Tamboon Inlet: Peter’s Rock on incoming tide for Salmon and Tailor with pilchards as preferred bait. Pelican Point for Flathead on lures, pilchard and soft plastics. The Western Bay for Bream with cut crab and live shrimp as preferred bait.

Mallacoota: Top Lake, the Wallagaraugh and Genoa Rivers, and the junction are the best spots for Bream and Flathead taking lures and soft plastics. Harrison Channel is still producing Luderick, Flathead and Bream. Best bait being yabbies, weed and prawn. The Entrance is closed.

Omeo High Country: Best spots for Trout are in the Cobungra and the Mitta Mitta Rivers. Best results using plastic lures and spinners. Still a lot of smoke about.


For Crabbing information, please visit our Crabbing in Lakes Entrance page here. There is info on where to go Crabbing, how to setup your Crabbing Net and the do's and dont's of Crabbing.

Fishing report brought to you courtesy of the Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre.


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