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Fishing Report January 23, 2015

Gippsland Lakes Fishing Report - January 23, 2015

Lakes Entrance: The prawns are running and fishing is excellent. Tailor, salmon and trevally are biting around the Entrance on metal lures and pilchard. Bream and flathead are active in Reeve Channel opposite Nyerimilang Park. Prawn and squid are catching fish.

Lake Tyers: The entrance is closed but the water level is high. Flathead and bream have been caught in Blackfellows Arm and around no. 2 jetty, mainly early morning and at dusk. Prawn, pilchard and hard bodied plastic lures are getting results.

Mitchell River: Flathead have been landed around the cut on soft plastics. Bream are still in the backwater and are biting on local prawn.

Tambo River:The rough road area is producing good size bream on peeled prawn.

Nicholson: Bream are being landed between the two bridges using prawn and sandworm.

Metung: The boardwalk is still the best spot to catch bream and the odd king George whiting. Best bait is sandworm and local prawn.

Paynesville: The town jetties are good for bream on prawn and whitebait. The back of Raymond Island has luderick taking weed. Plenty of tailor are in Duck Arm with a few king george whiting.

Hollands Landing: The strait around the wood pile has good size bream and flathead being caught on prawn and sandworm.

Marlo: Plenty of estuary perch, bream, flathead and mullet are in both rivers with live prawn, sandworm and lures producing fish. The beach has salmon and tailor striking metal lures.

Tamboon Inlet: Flathead, mullet and bream are cruising between the jetty and the island. Soft plastics, prawn and shrimp are best bait.

Bemm River: The entrance is still open with large bream and flathead being landed on local prawn and hard bodied lures. The channel is good for tailor.

Mallacoota: Estuary perch and flathead are in the narrows with live bait catching fish. Salmon and tailor are around the new ramp. The wharf has trevally and luderick.

Omeo High Country: Fly fisherman are bagging out on rainbow trout in the Gibbo River.

Fishing report brought to you courtesy of the Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre.

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