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Win $2,000 - Golden Tag Competition is on!

Lakes Entrance is Open for Business

With the relaxing of restrictions you can now come to Lakes Entrance to enjoy the outdoors, fresh air, pristine waterways and our Natural Wonderland.

The Golden Tag Fishing Competition has been reactivated by Fisheries Victoria, giving every recreational angler a chance to catch a Golden Tagged fish. Visit their website for more details and check our latest Fishing Report for the best spots.

Fishing Report


Fishing Report June 5, 2015

Gippsland Lakes Fishing Report

Lakes Entrance: The footbridge and all other town jetties for Trevally, taking pilchard. Bream at the Flag Staff jetty biting on prawn. Some Luderick are also about taking local weed. Lake Bunga for Salmon on silver lures, also give Eastern Beach a try as well. Offshore at 6 mile reef, Pinkies and “Gummies” are to be had. Pilchards and squid for best results.

Lake Tyers: Luderick are about at Mill Point. Bream are around the Flats in about 1 metre of water, best results have been early to mid- morning (6.00-10.00AM). Best bait bass yabbies. Salmon around 1.5kg on the beach taking popper and pilchard.

Mitchell River: The Barrier, Grassy Banks and all the way down to Two Bells are the best spots for Bream, biting on crab and worm.

Tambo River: From the power lines to Sandy’s Bluff is the best spot for Bream, their bait of choice being prawn and worm.

Nicholson: From the Little Cliffs and heading toward Thumb Point are the best spots for Bream, taking prawn.

Metung: Rock wall and towards the town centre for Bream and Mullet biting on prawn and worm. Also try Shaving Point and towards Lake King jetty.

Paynesville: The Straits and town jetties are still producing Bream and Mullet. Best bait is prawn and worm. Surf beach at Ocean Grange for Salmon, taking pilchards and poppers.

Hollands Landing: Storm Point, Luff Point and into Blonde Bay are best for Bream on prawn. Tom’s Creek at the mouth is also a good spot to try.

Marlo: Surf for Salmon and Tailor using popper and pilchard. Rock Groynes for Luderick. Bream Point and down to French’s Narrows have Bream on soft shell and prawn. Offshore for “Gummies” and a few King Fish on pilchard and squid.

Tamboon Inlet: Old Man Point, the camp site and down to Shallow Lagoon are the best spots for Bream and Luderick, taking prawn and worm. Surf for Salmon on popper and pilchard, also give lures a try.

Bemm River: The Entrance is closed. Fishermen are having to work hard and fishing is a bit patchy, but some Bream are about taking prawn, worm and vibes. Surf for Salmon on pilchard, popper and lures.

Mallacoota: Luderick at Captains Point and at the new boat ramp, taking local weed. Fisheries jetty for Flathead taking pilchard. Trevally and Tailor at the wharf, taking blue bait. Bottom Lake for Bream on yabbies and lures and there is the “odd” Flathead. Surf beach for Salmon pilchard and poppers.

Omeo High Country: The Dartmouth Comp. is coming up next weekend. Good luck to all participants. All rivers are producing small size trout at the moment on scrub worms.

Fishing report brought to you courtesy of the Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre.

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