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Fishing Report June 20, 2015

Gippsland Lakes Fishing Report

Lakes Entrance: They have been landing good Luderick from the Post Office jetty up to the Floating Dragon Restaurant, taking local weed. Some Trevally are cruising the town jetties, best bait is bluebait. Offshore, six mile reef for Pinkies, Murwong and Nanagi, their bait of choice is pilchard and squid.

Lake Tyers: Devil’s Hole down to Cameron’s Arm in deeper water are good spots to try for Bream, taking prawn. Surf beach has Salmon taking metal lures as preferred bait. Weather is a bit ordinary though.

Mitchell River: Wy-Yung bridge, backwater and highway bridge, have Perch taking hard body lures and soft plastics. Bream at grassy banks and down to the cut, taking spider crab and prawn.

Tambo River: There will be a bit of precipitation, but if you are out and about, Bream are being taken from Marshalls Flat to the power lines, taking prawn, also give peeled prawn a go.

Nicholson: Drouin Angling Club Comp. was very rewarding with good size Bream from 30-40cm which were heading up stream from the “tyres” and up to the Strait Six. Best baits are peeled prawn and worm.

Metung: Dolphins are out and about, so fishing may be a game of patience, but again structure and wharfs are a safe bet as fish will try and hide. Best baits are pippi and local prawn, try peeled prawn as well.

Paynesville: Boat ramps and town jetties for Mullet, Trevally and Bream. Best result on worm, shrimp and peeled prawn. Surf beach for Salmon, taking pilchard and poppers.

Hollands Landing: From Medusa Point to Jones Bay and Tom’s Creek are worth looking at for Bream on pippi and peeled prawn. Give Blonde Bay and Cameron Point a go.

Marlo: The Brodribb River and into Lake Curlip for Bream taking frozen prawn. Lake Corringle also have Bream. Surf for Salmon and Tailor. Bait of choice is pilchard and poppers. Offshore, produced a mixed bag of fish.

Tamboon Inlet: Around the rock groynes for Luderick, taking worm and local weed. Fisherman’s Landing is worth a look for Bream and Mullet. Surf for Salmon and Tailor on pilchard and poppers.

Bemm River: Good sized Luderick are out and about with a bit of work. Bait of choice is cured sandworm. Surf beach has plenty of Salmon, best bait being pilchard and poppers. The entrance is still closed, but the water level is rising steadily.

Mallacoota: Main wharf and Captains Point for Luderick on local weed. Bream are cruising Top and Bottom Lake, taking yabbies and lures. Fisherman’s and main wharf, have Trevally and Flathead taking prawn and blue bait, also try the “cow paddock”. Surf for Salmon, taking metal lures.

Omeo High Country: It is now a “closed season” until 1st Saturday in September, 2015.

Fishing report brought to you courtesy of the Lakes Entrance Visitor Information Centre.

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